About the sticks

Designer Christina Primschitz gives sticks a new life, turns nature into art and makes you communicate.

What are we looking at?

These are hand-painted wooden sticks that can be an artwork for your wall, a game or anything else you see in them.

What drew you to collecting sticks in the first place?

Probably my love for strolls in the woods and childhood memories. As a child I used to pick sticks and stones when playing in nature as most children do. And I still like to pick sticks that appeal to me in shape and texture, even though being an adult. I only pick sticks in places that make me feel good. And I’m still fascinated by each stick being so different from each other.

Where do the sticks come from?

The sticks are all collected in southern Sweden, in various woods and at various beaches.

What can the sticks be used for?

In the beginning they were just meant to be an artwork on the wall. You can combine as many sticks you want and mount them simply with some nails onto the wall. Later on some friends got single sticks and used them as lucky charms. And after some time the sticks turned out be a game as well. Besides that, children use the sticks to play a version of hide and seek, there sticks are getting hidden and have to be found. There are no limits. The sticks are what you see in them.

How did you come up with the stick game?

That was a coincidence. When having friends over for dinner, we suddenly all realized that everyone was busy with their mobile phones. We all decided that we needed to come up with something fun and social that excludes the use of mobile phones. And then we just started playing the stick game and continued playing it for hours.

How do you play the stick game?

The game is quite simple and best when played by at least four people, as the game is most fun when played with teams of two. about fifteen sticks are placed in whatever constellation on the table. One team leaves the room, in the meantime the other team chooses a stick. The first team comes back and needs to guess which stick is the chosen one. the goal is to pick as many sticks without picking the chosen one. The team that is picking sticks usually discusses about which sticks feel save and which ones feel dangerous. awkward and interesting discussions occur… it might sound too simple and almost boring but there is some special dynamics in this game. You really get to know people much better through this game and you will see after some time every person gets his favorite stick and every stick gets its own personality. And teams start to have unexpected strategies to win.

Why do people fall for your sticks?

That’s hard to say. But probably it’s the simplicity of the sticks and that they are all unique, combined with feelings from the childhood. They seem to bring up some sort of unexpected happiness and fascination in people.